“At the tender age of thirteen I made a personal commitment to Christ following an Evangelistic weekend at my local Methodist church.  Encouraged and helped by my parents and friends at the very same church I grew in my faith. In my mid-teens I joined a Christian folk group and had my first taste of evangelism through music. 

After leaving school at sixteen I began working in the family business of Electrical Contracting where I remained for 9 years. Then in 1982 I seized the opportunity to engage in full-time Christian work joining the Saltmine Trust, developing gifts in evangelism and music. Following 14 years in itinerant ministry I believed that God was calling me to ‘ordained ministry’ in the Baptist church. And so in September 1996 I moved down to London to begin training at Spurgeon’s College and Chatsworth Baptist church.

Four years later I came out with a theology degree and a raging migraine! Accepting an invitation from Selly Park Baptist church to become their pastor, I headed off to Birmingham where I was inducted into the ministry on 14 October 2000.  (I have been here ever since)“             

Despite the most zealous efforts of some members of my family, I remain single! However I am the very proud uncle of 7 nieces 1 nephew, 5 great nephews and 2 great nieces (at the last count!) And,  my Goddaughter’s brother’s Godfather’s wife is Princess Anne! (Work that one out!)